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ADF Showings at Scripps: Tony C. Johnson


Join us for a free informal showing titled “Longing and Connection” by Tony C. Johnson

Tony C. Johnson will be presenting a 30-minute informal work-in-process exploration of longing for community and a deep connection to past through the language of movement. Each dancer in this work, through a blend of contemporary dance, traditional movements, and symbolic gestures, will reflect on their own yearning for belonging. There are moments of celebration, emotional landscapes of joy, nostalgic rituals, and historical echoes.

The performance begins with solitary figures on stage, each representing a unique story and personal history. As the dance unfolds, we witness the yearning for belonging and the search for roots reflected in the choreography.

Throughout the piece, dancers fluidly transition between scenes, embodying the memories and experiences that shape our identities. Moments of celebration and sorrow intermingle as the ensemble navigates the emotional landscapes of joyous gatherings, nostalgic rituals, and historical echoes. This work resonates with resilience, cultural pride, and universal quest for connection embodying the spirit of unity and community.

*** Post Performance Discussion

Registration is required! 

Saturday, May 11th at 7pm
ADF Samuel H. Scripps Studios
721 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705

The ADF studio subsidy program is funded by the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation.

For any questions, please contact Annabel Lopez, annabellopez@americandancefestival.org

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