Two people spin a person in the middle with a disco ball over their head

Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre

Program: Devotion
Photo by Chris Walt
Digital Program

The third in a trilogy following Carne Viva (2016) and Make Believe (2018), Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre continues its investigation of religious iconography to explore themes of love and romance with the ADF-commissioned world premiere of Devotion (2022).

”…an astonishing dance-theater work that gracefully brought together both spectacle and intimate gesture.” -World Dance Reviews

Please note: the evening’s program contains nudity and the use of dry ice

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Thursday, June 16 at 7:30 PM
Friday, June 17 at 8:30 PM

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Doris Duke Charitable FoundationSamuel H. Scripps SHS FoundationSouth Arts

Devotion by Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre is commissioned by ADF with support from the Doris Duke/SHS Foundations Award for New Works and in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre performances at ADF are funded, in part, by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the North Carolina Arts Council.