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 momar ndiaye

In this repertory class students will be exposed to contemporary dance from Africa. We will work within a fully hybridized movement vocabulary with multiple roots: African dances (Sabar-Wango), martial arts (Shotokan and Aikido), flying low, and contemporary dance. In this process, students will be led through foundational techniques and improvisation and transform materials as they draw from their distinct skill sets. From a philosophical standpoint, it will bring forth the ideas of displacement, reset and redirection, and accommodation and adaptation. The piece that is created with the students will highlight the persistency and obsession of accomplishing one’s dreams in relation to the good of the community.

matt pardo

This ballet class focuses on the contemporary application of the classical aesthetic on the modern-dance body. The class places a specific focus on the functional use of plié and teaches students how to move transitionally through a position-based genre. Additionally, students in the class will be encouraged and guided to develop a practice of performance inside of the ballet-idiom which they will be able to translate to other areas of their dance training. 

jose velasquez

In this class we will be focused on breaking, one of the four elements that make up Hip-hop culture. As bboys or bgirls, we will go over a step by step breakdown of the movement, techniques, and foundation that make up the dance. You will also learn a bit of the history behind the movement and culture and how Hip-hop went from being a neighborhood thing to a worldwide culture. Although breaking will be the main focus, we will also touch base on some of the other styles of street dance including party fances (social dances), popping, and locking.

Kate Walker

This class will allow dancers to explore improvisation and choreography. Classwork will include tasks and exercises that will challenge dancers creatively and will add to their choreographic toolboxes. In addition, dancers will be asked to analyze choreography and provide feedback both written and verbal. Dancers should come with open minds and hearts ready to play and explore. 

In this class, students will explore a hybrid of modern and contemporary techniques taught through anatomically focused concepts of alignment, core support, kinesthetic awareness, and more. Students will be given the opportunity to integrate contemporary and modern dance vocabulary into movement that allows for full-bodied exploration and expression.