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sample 2017 3ws SCHEDULE


Class descriptions

Kate Walker

In this class, students will explore a hybrid of modern and contemporary techniques taught through anatomically focused concepts of alignment, core support, kinesthetic awareness, and more. Students will be given the opportunity to integrate contemporary and modern dance vocabulary into movement that allows for full-bodied exploration and expression.

Michelle Gibson

Technique classes will focus on movement aesthetics derived from both Contemporary Modern concepts / styles and the African Diaspora  as it connects to Modern techniques. A combination of traditional and cultural vocabulary addressed through movement and history. West African, Brazilian Samba, Afro Cuban / Haitian and Dunham influenced techniques will be utilized. Musicality and rhythms will also be explored and studied to assist students awareness of movement as it lives in the body creating artistic impulse.  

The use of the body as it pertains to isolations, center core strengthening , dynamics of movement related to rhythm , time , and space. Release of the the entire body within in particular style and vocabulary of technique. Recognizing the communal exchange of movement as a lifestyle within cultural diversity and contemporary art forms.  



Christian von Howard

Students are challenged to increase their knowledge of Ballet vocabulary as they learn about the history and tradition of Ballet and its relevance to other styles and techniques of dance. This class explores French, Russian and American Ballet Vernaculars. Class will begin with a Ballet Barre followed by Center practice that will consist of movement that investigates the traditional design of the ballet vocabulary. Dancers will be able to engage in classical movement that explores musicality and spatial accuracy.

Kate Walker

This class is designed to combine a repertory and composition experience in which students can explore movement vocabulary from a variety of sources as well as practice composition and improvisation skills. 

Michelle Gibson

Repertory class for the three weeks school will involve students understanding how to create works as a collaborative experience within community as young artist.

Immersing in the process of youthful discovery, finding connections, investigating and respecting new approaches, and embracing diversity. Providing a platform for young dancers to utilize critical thinking and movement to generate new possibilities within   choreographic and repertory experiences. 
Movement as we live.
Movement as we think.
Movement as we feel.

Hip Hop
E.Moncell “Ill Kozby” Durden

Hip Hop is the expression of… your socio-cultural experience.  This class will experience first-hand its rhythms, moods, dynamics, creative expression, and improvisation. Exploring its roots in the social fabric of Afro-diasporic retentions and their re-inventions from vernacular jazz to present day. Each perspective of movement will be taught using basic B.E.AT.S. principles of body, emotion, attitude, time, and space.  Exercises and combinations using isolated/integrated counter-flow, polyrhythmic/polycentric exercises, call-and-response, with intermediate rhythmic synchronization and coordination. Prepare to be exhausted, challenged, enlightened, opened, exhilarated, and transformed!

More class description coming soon!

Sherone Price

Class description coming soon!

community life

The 3WS is a life-changing experience, designed to create thoughtful dancers who exhibit personal integrity and community-mindedness.  In addition to rigorous technical and creative training in the dance studio, the 3WS prioritizes community building; respect for difference; and responsibility both inside the classroom as well as in daily life. All students are expected to contribute to an environment where individual actions do not violate the integrity of the community. Intimidation, harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated. 

All students accepted into the 3WS must sign a commitment statement affirming that they will adhere to the community rules established to guarantee a safe, healthy, and happy environment for all participants. To ensure that all students are fully emotionally and physically integrated into the program, restrictions will be placed on cell phone and internet usage. ADF highly encourages all students to leave their cell phones and internet-enabled devices at home. Devices brought to ADF will be collected at the beginning of the festival and only distributed to students once a week to call home for a very limited time frame.