Footprints | Beyond Limits

Posted in Performances '12, 2012, School '12.


The opportunity to commission and present new work is a foundation of each ADF season. Footprints features an evening of performances choreographed by three groundbreaking choreographers, Jodi Melnick, Reggie Wilson and Helen Simoneau. Staged on a staggering sixty ADF students from our Six Week School, the show offers the unique opportunity for students to work closely on a piece for the stage with professional choreographers, something many students are experiencing for the first time on this scale.

Footprints also offers the choreographers the chance to stretch their limits. Typically accustomed to working with smaller groups of dancers, all three choreographers chose to work with a larger group of students this summer, in a six-week intensive rehearsal schedule. “It’s such a nurturing, creative environment here at ADF,” stated Ms. Melnick. “It’s great to take advantage of that and work with so many students.”

Footprints wraps its three-night show run tonight, Tuesday, July 25th at Reynolds Industries Theater at Duke University. Please click here for more information.