ADF’s faculty form the foundation of the festival community. They are a group of generous, inspired, and accomplished artists, serving as mentors and guiding students to new heights of artistry and physicality. After an intense program of dance and dialogue, students and teachers often forge relationships that last long after the festival.


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“The best part of the summer was the teachers. They demonstrated such a mastery of the material, demanded all of our presence and awareness, and pushed us (lovingly) to demand the very best from ourselves. This kind of teaching is uncommon, it’s the kind of teaching that the American Dance Festival is famous for, and it’s the kind that I crave all school year.”

ADF student


SDI Faculty

Brian Brooks

SDI Faculty

Robbie Cook

SDI Faculty

Adriane Fang

SDI Faculty

Ramón Flowers

SDI Faculty

Monique Haley

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Jordan Lloyd

SDI Faculty

Brenna Monroe-Cook

Sherone Price headshot

Sherone Price

Jenna Riegel leaping in the air on stage

Jenna Riegel

SDI Faculty

Abdel R. Salaam

SDI Faculty

Charles Slender-White

SDI Faculty

Tatiana Desardouin

SDI Faculty

Rosanna Tavarez

Jessie Young headshot

Jessie Young