You will take classes in African dance forms, ballet, composition, dance film, hip-hop, modern, and repertory Monday–Friday for the two-week intensive.

Tickets to ADF Performances

Attending an array of professional performances is an essential component of your ADF experience. The ADF performance season features an international roster of dance companies ranging from long established to cutting edge. You will receive a complimentary ticket to most performances held during the intensive dates. 


Activities planned in addition to the daily class schedule structures time for you to spend with your classmates and dorm counselors. Activity costs are included in the tuition fee.

Evenings and weekends offer the opportunity to:

  • participate in community events and activities
  • engage in discussions and workshops
  • have free time and phone home time

2022 Class Descriptions

Matt Pardo headshot

Ballet with Matt Pardo

Momar Ndiaye dancing

Creative Collaboration: making dance with my smartphone with Momar Ndiaye

Michelle Gibson headshot

Culture, Community, and Healing Repertory with Michelle Gibson

Matt Pardo headshot

Modern with Matt Pardo

Michelle Gibson headshot

Mz. G’s Afro-Modern Technique with Michelle Gibson

Momar Ndiaye dancing

Repertory with Momar Ndiaye

Rodney Hill jumping in the air

The World of Hip Hop Street Dance Foundation with Rodney Hill