You will take classes in African dance forms, ballet, composition, dance film, hip-hop, modern, and repertory Monday–Friday for the two-week intensive.

Tickets to ADF Performances

Attending an array of professional performances is an essential component of your ADF experience. The ADF performance season features an international roster of dance companies ranging from long established to cutting edge. You will receive a complimentary ticket to most performances held during the intensive dates. 


Activities planned in addition to the daily class schedule structures time for you to spend with your classmates and dorm counselors. Activity costs are included in the tuition fee.

Evenings and weekends offer the opportunity to:

  • participate in community events and activities
  • engage in discussions and workshops
  • have free time and phone home time

2022 Class Descriptions


Mz. G’s Afro-Modern Technique with Michelle Gibson

Afro-Modern technique class creates a platform for students to understand dance across cultures that can bring them face to face with the hidden ideologies within other dance techniques. Allowing students to ask why and for what purpose do we dance, Mz. G’s Afro-Modern class will focus on a fusion of contemporary modern practices rooted in diasporic elements. Acknowledging diasporic aesthetics and movement fundamentals contributed to American modern dance styles and techniques, the class will consist of a specify warm-up, concentration of breathing techniques, center floor exercises, movement phrases, and connection of mind/body/spirit as a movement practice. Afro-Modern class utilizes philosophies of modern dance pioneer Katherine Dunham. Philosophies of this technique will support students’ understanding of movement as function and form, both aesthetic and lifestyle, and exploring cultural dance symbolism within modern forms. Isolation/undulations, core strengthening, dynamics, musicality, and healing meditative practices will be addressed.

Culture, Community, and Healing Repertory with Michelle Gibson

Immersing in the process of youthful discovery, finding connections, investigating and respecting new approaches, and embracing diversity. Providing a platform for young dancers to utilize critical thinking and movement to generate new possibilities within choreographic and repertory experiences. Acknowledging the contributions of Diasporic movement, history, and storytelling within modern contemporary art forms. Channeling the importance of community as a polyrhythmic unification of love, peace, healing, and light.

The World of Hip Hop Street Dance Foundation with Rodney Hill

This class covers the movement and codification and history time line of Hip hop street dance. Locking, Popping, stepping, House, breaking, and other styles that have emerged from the African American and Latino communities from inner-city America. This class will guide the students through an experimental journey of how to think outside the box with knowing how to approach street dance freestyle movement. This class includes exercises to develop muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina. All of the basic movement and techniques learned in the class are defined, practiced, and developed into street dance combinations.

Repertory with Momar Ndiaye

This repertory class is designed to guide students through a creative process of remaking or making choreographic work heavily influenced by patrimonial dances from Africa. With the idea of performing a finished short piece at the end of this course, students will learn specific movement vocabularies that may be foreign to them and will be guided through the process of generating movements with their own signature. Together we will create or recontextualize choreographic work in which participants will be expected to bring into contribution their artistic perspective. Through practice and discussion, students will be exposed to strategic choreographic choice-making and understand how they correlate to choreographic intent. They will be expected to be open-minded and ready to learn dance forms that may be foreign to them, and actively participate in all activities in order to perform at the showing.

Creative Collaboration: making dance with my smartphone with Momar Ndiaye

In this class we will explore ways of creating dance solos with our smartphone camera as mode of transmission. The class will be divided into three major portions: 1) The study and analysis of what could potentially be categorized as a dance film and how to adopt a cinematic perspective while conceiving a solo, 2) An overview of important key elements of movement and choreographic composition, and 3) A realization of a final project that highlights students’ cinematic and choreographic skills. Students will be asked to generate phrase materials and images in response to their immediate environment and living conditions. As we explore different prompts, scores, and methods, students will be challenged to reimagine the spaces and tools available to them. They will also be asked to direct, collaborate, and support each other and learn how to provide constructive feedback to each other. We will be using our smartphone cameras and basic editing apps. A computer may be used, but is not required.

Ballet with Matt Pardo

This ballet class focuses on the contemporary application of the classical aesthetic on the modern-dance body. The class places a specific focus on the functional use of plié and teaches students how to move transitionally through a position-based genre. Additionally, students in the class will be encouraged and guided to develop a practice of performance inside of the ballet idiom which they will be able to translate to other areas of their dance training.

Modern with Matt Pardo

This modern dance class focuses on the utilization of traditional modern technique or ideas, which are applied using contemporary methodologies. The warm-up and class-time exercises use an eclectic mix of movements within the modern dance canon, while center combinations focus more on movement that has a contemporary aesthetic. Though the class focuses on a diverse range of elements, the end goal is to allow students an opportunity to discover their own movement practice, which is informed by the modern dance lineage but relevant in contemporary settings.